Puces de Vanves

July 18, 2017
Lining the streets of a quiet city neighborhood, under a canopy of brilliantly green trees is the hustle and bustle of one of the best flea markets in Paris. Puces de Vanves has everything you could dream of when it comes to antiques. From ornate tapestries slung over fences and rickety old vans, to 100 year old hand written postcards in piles on the ground. French porcelain figurines pose next to silver cutlery and old comic books. My first thought entering this maze of old timey wares was that I wished my Grandmother could see it, but as I explored the stalls that grew and morphed into more I too began to love the feel of the place. Scarab beetles carved out of stone from Egypt, wood statues from the Pacific Islands and broken down vintage cameras from America all belong on the same table here. It’s free to enter and an absolutely fascinating way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning. Some things are reasonably priced and bartering is, of course, a must. In my broken french I managed to nab a mint 40 year old french Wonder Woman comic for €1 and was very pleased with myself. Hopefully I’ll be able to understand it soon! I’ll be coming back to this wonderful labyrinth to discover the treasures never made available to first time visitors and tourists, because if you’re willing to spend a little time digging, Puce de Vanves is a gold mine of the worlds lost forgotten beauty.

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