Summer Solstice

July 10, 2017
The sun goes down on a city just waking up, suit jackets are shaken off and €2 pints of beer find their way into every hand. The music radiates from every crack in the Parisian streets and every open window up above. Tonight, is the longest day of the year, the official start of summer, the wonderful Summer Solstice. In France every year the summer solstice is celebrated with the huge Fete de la Musique. All across the country artists, bands and dancers pour into the streets for a night of free music and celebration – and yes, that does include very cheap drinks. I was blown away by the light and life that filled even the smallest back alleys on this short night. From a techno lazer fest in a square to a Spanish dance circle in the middle of a road, I drank, danced and sang my way from street to street. I cannot quite describe the freedom of heart that coming together for such a joyous and universal cause can bring. People forgot their fears, their responsibility and some, their dignity, and simply enjoyed themselves in the purest form. It was such a pleasure to watch and be apart of something so real and so connected. Some of that feeling was definitely the multiple mojitos running through my system I will admit, but a very real feeling none the less.

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