Time flies…

July 12, 2017

It’s now been a month since I landed in this beautiful maze of a city. I realized this sitting in an Uber, driving home from dinner at a friend’s. We drove passed the Eiffel Tower, 1am and the tower sparkles with thousands of lights, brightening up the center of Paris in a wonderful show every hour after midnight. Every day I see something new and spectacular, and yet every day these streets are less and less of a maze. As we drive I realize I know where we are, I know the way home from here. Suddenly I don’t feel like such a stranger anymore. Coming home is a relief as I pull off my shoes and make myself a midnight snack before heading up the old wood stairs to bed. In my room I am greeted by the small kitten who rarely leaves my room. We cuddle up on my bed as I stare through the sky light at the dimly glowing stars and smile at this city I can now call my home, if only for a while.

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